Women’s March on Washington

Each year, Christine’s Heart looks for additional ways we can advocate for women and provide exposure to issues that effect us directly. Women have been the backbones for our communities for centuries and it is critical that we remain engaged in the conversations that impact our livelihood. Given the political climate of our country, in 2017, it is our hope to become more involved in our communities politically, championing for not just women’s rights, but human rights.

On January 21st, the day after President elect Trump will be inaugurated, honorary co-chair organizers, Gloria Steinem and Harry Bellafonte, will lead a march on Washington. The purpose of that march is to send a bold statement to the new administration, that “Women’s rights are Human rights”. They will be joined by a host of celebrities, like Uzo Aduba, Julianne Moore, Zendaya to name a few.

For those that are troubled at the way the recent election was run and its results, this is a way to make your voice heard. This is a Women’s March in title, but is open to all people who have concerns about civil rights, reproductive rights, worker’s rights, disability rights and more.

The day will begin at Independence Avenue and Third Street, Washington DC, near the U.S. capitol. with a rally at 10:00am. The march will begin at 1:15pm in the same location. This is not a ticketed event, so no need to purchase tickets of any kind. Officials are expecting 200,000 people, so be sure to get there early. They are an estimated 1,200 buses making trips to the march, if you are looking for transportation from your area check here for regional options.

If you would like to participate, but are not able to make it to the capitol, there are an estimated 400 sister marches in other cities. These gatherings are expected to draw almost 700,000 nationwide. You can find out the details of your local march here.

It is time for us to really evaluate ourselves, start being more accountable and mobilize for a cause. This is a great place to start.

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