About CH


The ultimate mission of Christine’s Heart Ministry is to encourage women to experience the true power of salvation through Jesus Christ. In addition, the purpose of Christine’s Heart is to empower women to seek and fulfill their true God given purposes in life.

What We Believe

Christine’s Heart believes in the word of God and is based solely on the Holy Bible, prayer, obedience andtrust in the Lord
Our Goals

•To embrace women from all walks of life into a richer relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

•To educate women regarding finances so that they may become godly stewards and eventually debt-free, thereby becoming greater sowers into God’s Kingdom.

•To empower female teens, young mothers, single mothers, senior saints and women in prison and shelters by supporting them in areas of need.

•To encourage all women who we connect with, to believe that God has a plan for their lives; that they seek out and live that purpose, which in turn will glorify our God.

•To partner with existing ministries locally, nationally and internationally.

Our Objectives

We are a ministry aimed at embracing, educating, empowering and encouraging women to use their God-given gifts, abilities, resources and time, all for the glory of God.